Welcome to Buongiorno Restaurant!!!

Buongiorno is a small, intimate restaurant. In our menu you will find pasta, pancakes, pizzas, fish and meat dishes, various snacks, great Italian wines.

Every day, fresh products are delivered to our restaurant, but unfortunately not all are available, which is why sometimes we are not able to prepare some dishes for you. In return, we try to create off-card dishes to compensate for the lack of menu items and give you the opportunity to try other compositions of dishes invented by our chefs. Pizza sales are set at around 20-30 pcs per day, so sometimes when demand is higher, we are not able to prepare the dough on a regular basis, because our dough for a truly Italian pizza needs about 24 hours of aging

We count on understanding and openness in learning new flavors. However, if you care about a particular dish, salad or pizza, we encourage you to book in advance.

The secret of Italian cuisine lies in its simplicity and nobility of ingredients. For Italians, food is a great art, and this is largely due to their southern temperament and lifestyle. The Buongiorno Restaurant is not only about food, but about a lifestyle where you can enjoy the pleasure that it brings with you in peace. We ask for your understanding and patience in anticipation of the dishes ordered by you, because we do everything to make you satisfied and come back to us with a smile!

Buongiorno Restaurant Welcomes!

We invite you to exceptional Italian culinary journeys. BUONGIORNO Restaurant, the only such place in Bydgoszcz!